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We are creating a world where anyone can experience transformational healing—and we’re not doing it alone!

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Over the last year, we have re-imagined how we can serve our community online. In January, we launched our new website. At the core of our new site is our Resource Center, which is home to a growing collection of survivor stories, fact sheets, online courses, and more


Partnering with passionate people like you who are dedicated to making a difference, Phoenix Society is a tireless advocate for effective burn prevention, burn care, and equality.


Phoenix Advocates help make our communities safer. We amplify the burn community’s powerful voices to influence more effective legislation of building codes and fire prevention measures. 

Burn Care 

Access to long-term care is critical to a burn survivor’s recovery journey. We work with burn professionals to ensure survivors have access to the specialized and critical burn care they require and deserve. 

Equality Inclusion 

We strive for equality, no matter one’s appearance. Phoenix Advocates share their stories of resilience, empowerment, and self-love to build greater understanding of our journeys while celebrating the beauty of our scars.  

Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson successfully advocated for updated electrical permit codes that will prevent future injuries like the one she sustained.

Your voice makes a difference.