Burns Are Beautiful

A vital step in any burn survivor’s recovery is accepting their changed appearance and gaining confidence in social situations. For many, this is a long, difficult journey – but it doesn’t have to be. There is beauty in our strength, beauty in our courage, and beauty in our scars.


of people with facial differences have experienced staring, comments, or unpleasantness


feel having a facial difference affected their lifetime ambitions or their career


were bullied in school because of their appearance

Changing Hearts and Minds

Empathy is the greatest path to awareness and acceptance. Phoenix Advocates share their stories of resilience, empowerment, and self-love with the burn community and the media.

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In middle school, I was made fun of because of my scars. I had to learn how to accept my scars, but not let them define me as an individual. This taught me how to truly, unconditionally love myself.

Orrealus Harris, Burn Survivor

Equality + Inclusion Resources

Celebrating Differences Across the Globe

We are a founding member of Face Equality International, a global alliance of organizations representing people with visible differences. We hope to create a global culture where everyone with an unusual appearance is treated equally, without bias or stigma.

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