Your support transforms lives

At Phoenix Society, we understand the power of community. Community heals, and it powers transformational healing.

As our partner, you power transformational healing.

Partner with Phoenix

Individuals, foundations, corporations and groups have found meaningful ways to join Phoenix Society in our mission to build a community of transformational healing.

Some of the ways individuals are making a difference include: 

  • Applying for a corporate match to double the impact of your donation. 

  • Organizing an employee giving drive at your workplace to share the transformations that you help power with an even larger audience. 

  • Recruiting volunteers to manage a project at Phoenix Society, leaving a lasting impression long after the engagement is complete.

  • Making an annual gift, no matter the size, to show the burn community that you care and they are not alone. 

Vision Partner


Phoenix Luminaries $50,000+

You light the way. Your gift will be a promise of hope, community, and transformational healing. Together, we’ll ensure Phoenix Society is always here to meet the need and amplify the survivor voice. 

Phoenix Visionaries $25,000 - $49,999

You see a future full of possibilities, and your visionary gift will bring it to life. Together, we’ll build a world where everyone is safe, supported, and empowered. 

Phoenix Innovators $10,000 - $24,999

Our leaders and change-makers. Your innovative investment will jumpstart growth and evolution, ensuring our community has access to cutting-edge resources for lifelong healing. 

Phoenix Influencers $5,000 - $9,999

Your influential investment will set the tone, empowering our movement to advance burn prevention, burn care, and acceptance of those with scars across the world. 

Phoenix Mobilizers $1,000 - $4,999

Our boots on the ground. Your mobilizing investment will keep our programs advancing and help us build momentum to reach our goals. 

American Burn Association

Firefighters Burn Institute

Stark & Stark

Yanfeng Auto

Phoenix Connector $500 - $999

Your investment will connect just-in-time support with the people who need it most — wherever they are, whenever they need our help. 

Phoenix Supporter $1 - $499 

The united voices of our rally cry. Your supporting investment will amplify our impact across the burn community and beyond. 


Every opportunity to help make a positive impact for the burn communtiy is an opportunity worth taking - and together, we help make that possible.

Create a Space for Healing

We believe that with a community of support and the necessary tools, those impacted by a burn injury can do more than survive – they can thrive.