Share your story, make a difference

We empower trained Phoenix Advocates to tell their stories with impact. Whether you are a burn survivor, loved one, firefighter, burn care professional, or friend of the cause—your voice matters!

After being trained as a Phoenix Advocate, you’ll be ready to represent the burn community in issues related to burn prevention, optimal burn care, or equality.

What will you do as a Phoenix Advocate?

  • Testify at code hearings

  • Share your experience with healthcare professionals

  • Share your story with the local, regional, or national media

  • Address attendees at burn community events

With Phoenix Advocates as our partners, we have:

  • Achieved the 2017 Fire Sprinkler Tax Incentive, enabling small business-owners to retrofit their buildings.

  • Developed the Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (LIBRE), a self-advocacy tool for burn survivors.

  • Established the Aftercare Reintegration Committee (ARC) with the American Burn Association.

Interested in advocating for the burn community? Let us know with the form below!