Phoenix Society Awards

Every year, Phoenix Society awards members who have given extraordinary support.

The following awards honor the leaders in the burn community and in our organization.

Edge Servant Leadership Award

Servant Leaders work under philosophy and set of practices that enrich lives, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. Named in memory of Thomas Edge, the award will recognize selfless leaders of our community who work hard in a volunteer capacity for the benefit of others.

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Breslau Award

The Alan + Delwyn Breslau Award is the highest distinction Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors can bestow. Named for Alan and Delwyn Breslau, this award honors a Society member who has, through a collaborative spirit, significantly enhanced the ability of the Society to fulfill its mission of peer support, education and advocacy. By virtue of their character, integrity and the service they provide to those impacted by a burn injury this person has enhanced the burn community at large. The inaugural award was awarded at Phoenix WBC 2002 to Alan & Delwyn Breslau.

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Harman Award

This award is presented to an individual or family, corporation, foundation or civic/service organization with a proven record of exceptional generosity to Phoenix Society through direct financial support and/or volunteer effort. Janet Harman, a long-term supporter of the Society, worked over 30 years side by side with Alan Breslau and others to assure that the programs and services of the Society are available to those impacted by a burn injury. This award honors Janet's service to Phoenix Society as an example for those who step up to philanthropic leadership roles.

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Hickey Award

The Joe Hickey Fire Service award honors a firefighter or firefighter burn foundation who provides assistance to burn survivors, demonstrates a commitment to improve burn care through all phases of recovery, and works to carry on the mission of the Society and the local burn community. The award recipient must follow the late firefighter Joe Hickey's philosophy of placing the wellbeing of burn survivors above all, as his or her top priority.

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Phoenix Society Advocacy Award

The Phoenix Society Advocacy Award, which was established in 2012, acknowledges an individual whose advocacy efforts have brought greater awareness to the burn community by actively providing education and promoting positive change.

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