Our Mosaic of Stories

Written by Amy Acton, RN, BSN on August 06, 2020

We’ve each been living our own unique story over the past six months , facing different challenges as we’ve coped with the unknown future. None of us knows exactly what’s around the corner, and all we can do is keep moving forward as best we can.

We’re disappointed not to be able to send a physical issue of the magazine this time around, but I’ve been surprised and delighted that the digital format has allowed us to tell your stories in powerful new ways.

As I’ve listened to stories across the burn community and beyond, my perspective continues to broaden. Each story represents a different narrative of loss and growth , and together, they begin to capture the unprecedented times we’re living through.

I doubt there’s another time in history when we have felt so collectively isolated. Definitely not in my lifetime. And though it’s one of the most isolating times, it has slowed us down enough to really hear each other’s stories and unite for a more just and equal community.

In this issue of Burn Support Magazine, Phoenix Society reflects on the disparities that exist within the burn community. We explore the breadth of stories that exist within this community: in how our recovery is supported (or not), in how we recognize our loss and celebrate our survival, in how we move confidently through the world.

The truth is, each one of us is living a different chapter of a different story. We are each on our own journey, each at a different place. That’s what makes our community powerful: the breadth of perspectives, the chorus of voices .

When we lift our eyes from our own path, we start to see that our story is not the only story. The futures we’ve imagined are not the only possibilities.

There is more than one way to thrive.

There is more than one way to be strong.

We realize we’ve come farther than we knew.

The burn survivor experience – the human experience – is a broad and beautiful mosaic.

You have a unique and powerful story.

I hope you will share it and add your experience to the mosaic.

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