Improving Patient Outcomes By Filling An Education Gap

Written on November 04, 2022

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is excited to collaborate on a new education pilot at the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, IN.  

Registered nurse, former Phoenix Fellow, and burn survivor, Brianna Bolinger, saw a need to create a program that helped close the gap between healthcare staff's knowledge in understanding what a survivor experiences through their burn injury. Brianna connected with Pam Peterson, Program Manager - Hospital Liaison, and together they developed an educational training program to help healthcare staff learn more about post-hospital burn care and the psychosocial elements of a burn injury.  

Every member of the Eskenazi Health burn team, including administrative staff and medical directors, was required to attend an in-person education training. Team members included new nurses to experienced staff with over 20 years on the job. Initial findings from the education program proved to be essential, relevant and needed for healthcare staff.  

73% of surveyed trainees reported that this was their first formal education addressing the psychosocial aspects of a burn. Additionally, those who attended reported gaining more knowledge of a burn survivor's journey that they did not know prior as well as having increased confidence in assisting someone with their psychosocial needs.  

Phoenix Society is very excited to continue working on the educational program! In early 2023, the educational training will be offered digitally to hospitals nationwide. 

Interested in offering the training at your hospital? Contact Phoenix Society to join the waitlist!

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