Wildfire Safety and Burn Prevention

Every year, wildfires burn across the United States, and a growing number of people are living where wildfires are a real risk. 

It is being reported that 2021′s wildfire season could be even more devastating to the western US than last year's record-breaker.

We are launching a national campaign in conjunction with five west coast burn centers, the National Fire Protection Association, and fire rescue organizations nationwide. Outreach will focus on wildfire safety, burn prevention, and first aid to prepare the public for a severe wildfire season following 2020’s catastrophic season.

Wildfires are getting bigger and threatening more communities for longer periods of time each year. At any moment, a fire could consume hundreds of acres, destroy communities and threaten lives."

Amy Acton

2020 Wildfire Facts


wildfire fires burned over ten million acres across the U.S.


of the top 20 largest California wildfires occured

$19.88 B

in damages, including $16.5 billion in property damage and $3.384 billion in fire suppression costs.

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