Sara's STEPS

When Sara goes back to school after her burn injury, she isn't prepared for all the questions, comments, and staring.

Then her dad teaches her a tool called STEPS. Using their new skills, Sara and her brother face their classmates and find the confidence to thrive.

I'm brave! I'm strong! I can do anything!


Sara’s STEPS is designed to help preschool and elementary school-age burn survivors, their siblings, and children of burn survivors.

Young readers will learn:

  • How to manage staring

  • How to respond to comments from other children and adults

  • How to answer questions

  • How to end an uncomfortable conversation

Using Sara's story as a guide, help children develop skills to feel more confident talking about their own or their loved one’s burn injury in social situations.

Help children learn and practice these skills with age-appropriate activities at the end of the book.

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With Sara's story, build confidence and provide tools for children to talk about their own or their loved one's burn injury.

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