Tanner Stakebake

Caregivers of Youth + Teens Panel

In March 2019, Tanner's brother (Cameron) set fire to his body in their home. Tanner rescued him from the flames and put him out as fast as he could. During the process, Tanner only burned his hand, but his brother was covered with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 70 percent of his body. With only 15% chance of living, Cameron beat the odds and is learning to thrive again in his new skin. Though Tanner had little physical injury, he is working to heal the psychological effects of survivors guilt and trauma. Last year, he accompanied Cameron to the Anaheim Phoenix WBC and is grateful to be a part of his brother’s healing process, as well as having Cameron in his healing process. Tanner hopes the survivors who hear their stories might find peace and healing in their journeys.