Jordan + Kacy Edsall

Caregivers of Youth + Teens Panel

We are the Edsall family. My name is Kacy and my husbands name is Jordan and together we have three teenage children. Jordan is a talented automotive mechanic that loves to work on classic cars and motorcycles and I get the privilege of being a stay at home mom. In 2007 our lives were turned upside down when myself and my 2 daughters were visiting with my mom at her house when the home exploded due to a propane leak leaving the four of us trapped inside. We were all able to make it out but we’re left with severe burns. My mom and I were taken to a local burn unit and the girls were life flighted to Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati. From there Jordan spent months navigating the life of being a care giver to myself and caregiver and father to both girls. With the help of Jordan and the amazing staff at Shriners we were all eventually on the road to recovery. Now 13 years later we live a relatively normal life and enjoy using our perspective as both a parent and a survivor to help other families navigate thru the difficulties of a burn injury.