Ankur Gandhi

Is This Normal?  What Happens to Your Body in a Burn Injury and How to Advocate Your Needs with your Providers

Dr. Gandhi has been working in the tissue engineering field for 20 years which has included developing products for burn injuries. He is currently the Director of Research & Development at Integra Lifesciences, a worldwide leader in medical technologies providing innovative solutions to clinicians and patients for over 25 years. Integra Dermal Regeneration Template, the company’s first product, was approved by the FDA in 1996 for the treatment of third-degree burns and was the first product with a claim of regeneration of dermal tissue. During his tenure at Integra Lifesciences, Dr. Gandhi has been responsible for the development of new tissue-engineered products for applications including burn injuries and reconstruction of scar contractures.

MIT Mechanical Engineering

A “failed experiment” became a life-saving discovery by MIT Professor Ioannis V. Yannas and his colleague Dr. John Burke when their search for a better way to treat severe burn victims led to the discovery of organ regeneration — thought impossible by the scientific and medical communities at the time — as well as a brand new field of medicine.