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Written on April 25, 2022

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To celebrate the talented authors in our community and ensure readers have access to a wide range of titles, we have created the Burn Community Bookshelf! All books have been written by burn community authors.

To have your book featured, submit the title, author(s) name, and a high-resolution cover image to We also share several selected titles in each edition of Journey Magazine.

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Additional titles are constantly being added!

The Accident / El Accidente 

Author: Gayle Fein Petrillo 

Throughout her life, Gayle turned obstacles into opportunities. In this book, she shares the obstacles she faced and overcame after suffering a burn injury at the age of three. She hopes others learn from her story and are comforted by her extraordinary path to personal and professional success. 

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Can You See My Scars?

Author: Samuel Moore-Sobel

“Can You See My Scars?” describes his decade-long journey of healing after an accident left him with severe burns to his face just before his sophomore year of high school. Perseverance, support from family, and the ability to find humor in dark situations helped him to survive and thrive.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Chasing My Dreams: From Traumatic Burns to Triumphant Survival

Author: Barbara Kammerer Quayle

Barbara Kammerer's dream job was being a teacher, impacting the lives of junior high kids so they could soar in life. Her dream became jeopardized after a fiery car crash left her with a severe burn injury. Her trauma began a life-long mission to develop skills to empower burn survivors and anyone with a facial difference to live successfully.

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Face It: Facial Disfigurement and My Fight For Face Equality

Author: James Partridge

Face It tells the story of James's recovery and the work he has done ever since to support others with physical differences to cope with the isolation and discrimination they so often face. It is also a manifesto for change: for how others who look different can take control of their destinies and how the world can accept, respect, and value people with facial differences without resorting to stereotypes and stigma, despite the psychological, cultural, and social barriers that so often stand in the way.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

The Family Oops and Burns First Aid

Author: Kristina Stiles

The Family Oops and Burns First Aid was created to support children and their families learning about burns prevention and first aid principles together. The book describes an accident-prone family who are not burn aware, and who have to go to school to learn about burn safety and first aid within the home.

Available for viewing on the Academy of Fabulous Stuff.

Fighter: Defying The NHL Odds

Author: Aaron Volpatti

Aaron Volpatti was never supposed to play in the NHL. As an average, undersized youth hockey player, Aaron had to fight his way, literally, into competitive hockey. But in the early hours of April 20, 2005, he found himself in a very different fight-a fight for his life after a devastating burn injury.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Flashback Girl: Lessons on Resilience from a Burn Survivor

Author: Lise Deguire

At the age of four, Dr. Lise Deguire suffered third-degree burns on 65% of her body as the result of both maternal and corporate negligence. Against the odds, she lived through the trauma, beginning decades of treatment as a burn survivor. Some chapters of this gripping journey focus on early events, including the story of the fire, her years of painful surgeries in the hospital, social isolation, and bullying. Other chapters focus on her adult life, such as her struggles to find romantic love, being a parent, and her work as a clinical psychologist.

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Hope To The Third Degree

Author: Taylor Campbell

After a softball game, the Campbells were making supper at home. Then it happened—an extraordinary and unfortunate accident. A frantic race to save their child’s life ensued. Family and friends waited and prayed as baby Taylor was whisked away by helicopter. By God’s grace, doctors and nurses saved Taylor’s life—a life made fragile by complications from severe burns covering 64% of her body.

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I Almost Lost Her: A Memoir Of Unthinkable Tragedy

Author: André Xavier and Charlie Anne Xavier

I Almost Lost Her is the story of Charlie’s ongoing healing and André’s acceptance of his own vulnerability. Readers follow the couple’s journey through adversity, the highs and lows, and everything in between. Ultimately, in the face of great suffering, Charlie and André learn to feel fear and pain, then release it so they may remain focused on their new and beautiful life. In their highly-anticipated debut book, André and Charlie remind us that strength, faith, and love are the cornerstones of enduring partnerships—no matter how bleak the circumstance. No matter how difficult the fight.

Available for purchase on Amazon. 

It Was Then That He Carried Me!: God's Many Blessings

Author: Felicia Chisolm Early

As a child burned at the age of three months, Felicia faced a long road of recovery throughout her life. From bullying and endless hospital visits as a child to financial difficulties and marital issues later in life, she has continued to hold her faith in God and belief that you can conquer anything that comes up against you.

Available for purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

I’ve Got Scars, Baby!: How To Embrace Your Scars and Power Your Purpose 

Author: Audra Bryant 

Burned at 18 months old, left disfigured, and refusing to look at herself in the mirror until she was 25 years old as a result, Audra addresses the life of fear she was living. She describes the work it took to fully embrace her physical and emotional scars and breaks down the steps to help empower others. 

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Authors: Octavia Burney, Alexander T. Lee (Illustrator)

As a burn survivor, seven-year-old Olivia is healing both physically and emotionally, but it's hard. Then she meets Marty and discovers that he's not just any dog. Taking her on magical adventures, he gets her mind off of her tragedy and ultimately turns her frown upside down. Marty is a fun-loving, whimsical tale of the healing power found in friendship, love, and laughter.

Available for purchase on Barnes & Noble.

Monkey Bars!

Authors: Kelvin L. Solco

Monkey Bars is a book that tells the story of how a young child with a disability learned how to accomplish something that no one believed he had the ability to do - climb the monkey bars! As you read this book you will discover that you can turn your disabilities and disadvantages into new abilities and capabilities. Join Kelvin on his journey as he navigates through elementary school, high school, college, career, and business ventures to develop leadership lessons.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

My Burn Journal

Authors: Elizabeth Marr, Julie Marr

Healing from burns can be a long and difficult journey and we hope this book is a support to you as you work to heal inside and out. This book offers space to track a year of burn care after a serious injury, including a daily care log and space to write or draw your burn story. This journal is also available in Spanish and in a condensed version for less severe burns.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Sage Was The Perfect Shadow: A Survivor’s Story 

Author: Mona Krueger 

Searching for the whys and working through the grief, Mona takes us on her journey to find hope, coaxing people past the scars and tugging others toward life along the way. Alive with honest perspective and the defiance of despair, this memoir will encourage and inspire. 

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Tonight I Howled at the Moon: A short poem book designed to combat depression and anxiety 

Author: Autumn Ruch

A poetry book designed to help combat anxiety and depression by noticing the beauty of the present moment. Using my five senses are a way that I was taught to ground myself; the world around is constant and steady even when our emotions don't feel like they are. When I was experiencing a lot of inconsistency as a child, I could find comfort in small things, like the trees blowing in the breeze, the smell of the spring rain, the sound of nearby laughter, the delightful taste of chocolate, or the feel of my dog's cold nose against my skin. My hope is to remind people that we can bring ourselves back to the now with just a shift of focus. Life is filled with these simple daily pleasantries if we just take the time to notice - may your day become a little sweeter after reading these poems.

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