What’s Next for Phoenix WBC?

Written on February 19, 2020

In 2020, we’re evolving Phoenix World Burn Congress (WBC) to make it easier to attend and provide more opportunities for you to connect with your peers.

Every year, we look to the evaluations and attendee feedback to guide our next steps. You’ve consistently told us that engaging with other members of the burn community is one of the most valuable elements of Phoenix World Burn Congress.


You’ve also told us it’s hard to attend year after year. Some of you save for years just to be able to come once. Many are funded by hospitals or foundations, and there are thousands who will never be able to come at all.

And when you go home, you need more ways to stay plugged in to this incredible community—365 days a year, all around the world.


Driven by your input, we’re making some exciting changes in 2020:

  • We’ve shifted focus to create more meaningful social opportunities for you to connect with each other and build community. 

  • We have changed the length of the conference to 2.5 days. Not only will you save money on registration, hotels, and food, we hope hospitals and foundations will be able to send more people.

  • We’re broadening our reach with virtual content so you can engage with the conference on your own terms, wherever you are. On our new website, you’ll find further learning experiences and opportunities to stay connected after you go home.


This is another step in our transformation to meet the growing need. Phoenix WBC is only one of our programs, and so many people still need access to support. Driven by your feedback, we are dedicating our resources to building opportunities for our community to connect: wherever they are, whenever they need our help.  

Phoenix WBC has transformed again and again over the last 30 years, always driven by our community’s input. 


We’re excited to see where this next step leads!

Family Track 

We hear from kids and parents that the biggest takeaway for many Phoenix UBelong participants is the community they find. That’s why we’re exploring a way to bring that community to more families in 2020. 


For part of the day, families will learn together through interactive group activities. Then participants will split into small groups based on age and role (survivor, sibling, etc.) to explore issues specific to their experience. Socialization and networking opportunities will help parents and kids build new relationships and make new friends.


We hope this new approach will help more families discover a place to belong and the tools to thrive.

What does this mean for me?

Instead of the formal Phoenix UBelong program, your family will have the opportunity to sign up for comprehensive family programming together, while still having space to address individual concerns in small groups. Instead of spending the day apart from your child, you will have a chance to heal together in a supportive environment.

2020 Conference At-A-Glance

October 22 – 24

Providence, Rhode Island

Early Bird Registration            $278

General Registration              $385

Contact Hours                      + $60

Ways to Experience

In Person

Virtual Streaming

Online Learning Experiences

Immersive Family Track

Flexible Young Adult Touchpoints



  • Walk of Remembrance

  • Kick-Off Event


  • Opening Event

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Open Mic

  • Wellness Center + Massages

  • City Adventures (Group or Individual)

  • Support Groups

  • Talent Show


  • Motivational Speaker

  • Open Mic

  • Wellness Center + Massages

  • City Adventures (Group or Individual)

  • Support Groups

  • Closing Celebration