A Movement is Greater Than One Person

Written on December 20, 2021

You never forget how people make you feel. Brianna certainly hasn’t.

She was only three when an explosion on her family farm burned over 60% of her body. While she can’t remember much about those early days, her memories of her caregivers are clear:

“The people who made me feel the most like myself were the nurses who cared for me.”

We all have a deep need for community, a place to be heard and seen for who we are. Brianna’s nurses were her first connection to a community of healing. From that first night and through a lifetime of surgeries, they were the ones who—together with her loving family—made her feel like she truly belonged.

Is there someone like that who has been by your side through tough times? Maybe it’s a caregiver, family member, survivor, or friend.

Whoever it is, I invite you to honor them today by making a special gift in their name to Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Your gift of any amount will not only celebrate that person but will also support programs and resources that help connect more burn survivors to a community of healing.

This giving season offers the perfect opportunity for you to show someone how much they have impacted your life.

Give a Tribute Gift

Even if you don’t have a specific person in mind, you can still make a gift to support Phoenix Society. Your financial support matters now more than ever as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

We have all been impacted by disruptions to our work, economy, and lives these last couple years. As we begin a slow return to normal, your giving is critical to supporting and strengthening all that we do.

So don’t wait. Send your gift today to open doors to better care, stronger support, and a community that transforms the recovery and healing of survivors like Brianna:

“The most important and powerful thing anyone can do for a survivor is open a door for them to find the resources, support, and community they need.”

That’s the power of your gift.

Fill out the tribute form to honor someone who has supported you and send a gift to help burn survivors find the support they need today, tomorrow, and every day.