Supporting a Culture of Giving

Written on March 03, 2020

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors understands the importance of being guided by a greater mission. Employee engagement is one way that many of our partners are providing benefits that enhance job satisfaction, loyalty and dedication toward their organizational goals. These programs also support individual performance and drive business outcomes.


Why offer an employee giving program? Because 55% of employees would choose to work for a socially reasonable company – even if the salary was less! Not only is workplace giving a good way to attract employees, but it’s also a great way to engage your employees with the community while connecting a deeper purpose to their daily work.


Why Employee Engagement Matters

Workplace, or employee, giving provides employees a chance to make a considerable impact. Each year, these programs collectively raise around $5 billion – but workplace giving does so much more than just that. When employers offer workplace giving programs, they boost job satisfaction, encourage employee pride, and increase morale. It also allows employees to align their personal and professional values. 

Celebrating Employee Engagement 

During the month of March, we’ll be celebrating a few of our Phoenix Partners and their employee engagement with Phoenix Society! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check back every Saturday for a new shout out! 

Special thanks to the following Phoenix Partners for their ongoing support and employee engagement with Phoenix WBC: Integra, Bio-Oil, University of California - Irvine (UCI), Exsurco Medical, FM Global, Johnson Controls, Smith & Nephew, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Types of Workplace Giving

There are many ways to offer an employee giving program:

  • Automatic Payroll Deductions: a way for employees to make donations directly from their paycheck. It’s an easy and convenient method to offer ongoing giving. 

    • Phoenix Society is delighted to be supported by payroll deduction programs through supporters’ places of employment including; Liberty Mutual, FM Global and Ameriprise.

  • Matching Gift Program: employees team up with their employers for matching donations – doubling or tripling the impact! 

    • To find out if your company offers a matching gift program, simply inquire with your Human Resources Department and send your donation with your company’s form to be completed by Phoenix Society. 

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: allows employees to raise money, share their stories, and connect with their community. It’s a great way to foster healthy competition and camaraderie!  

    • Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a fun way to build awareness and support. We have had support from marathon runners, an in home art show, car washes, company events, retirements and burnaversaries – in 2019 alone! Simply contact Martha Boks below to set up a secure online giving link – specific to your event. 

  • Volunteer Time Off: a work perk that allows employees to do community service during a workday – allowing employees to engage in serving with a greater purpose.

  • And more! The possibilities are endless. 

Partner Highlight: Integra 

Integra is leading the way with employee engagement! During their 30-year anniversary celebration last year, Integra hosted a Plainsboro Day of Service with a 5K Fun Run / Walk and raised over $30,000 to support Phoenix Society! They also hosted a Jeans Day in 2018 and are planning another fundraising event for 2020.

Getting Engaged with Phoenix Society 

We are grateful for our corporate partners who have supported Phoenix Society and shared our mission through employee giving and engagement. Employee giving builds morale and helps create a sense of connection between the day to day work and the people being helped. Another great way to get engaged is by volunteering with Phoenix Society or at Phoenix World Burn Congress!


For more information, please contact Martha Boks, Development Coordinator, by filling out the form below.