Share Your Story

Written on December 07, 2020

Everyone has a story, and the world wants to hear yours.

Our Virtual Open Mic is a chance to share your truth and find healing through stories. This collection of survivor stories is hosted in our Resource Center, so survivors and loved ones around the world can find connection and hope wherever they are, whenever they need support.

By sharing your story, you can help to make sure no one is ever forced to recover from a burn injury alone.

Get Creative

Your story is powerful, and no one knows it better than you. There are endless ways to share, so you can tell your story how it’s meant to be told. You can:

  • Upload a video

  • Record your voice

  • Write a poem

  • Sing a song

  • Create a photo collage


Not sure where to start? Everyone has a story worth sharing—use these questions to find yours.

  • What was a turning point in your journey?

  • Is there anyone who has been key to your recovery?

  • When you’re struggling, where do you find hope?

  • What wisdom or advice do you have to share?

  • How has being a burn survivor changed your worldview?

How to Share

Submit your story here.

All submissions are published without editing. However, we cannot accept excessively long stories, graphic content (including photos), or stories containing profanity or slurs. If we can’t publish your story as-is, you’ll be given the opportunity to edit and re-submit.

Once we post your story, we’ll let you know via email.

Your Story Matters

There’s no such thing as “just” a story. Stories heal us, inspire us, connect us. They change hearts and minds.

Phoenix Society is dedicated to amplifying the stories of the burn community. We are constantly seeking survivors and loved ones to lend their voices to the movement. Together, we prevent burn injuries, improve quality of care, and build acceptance for people with scars.

It all starts with a story.

When you share your story in Virtual Open Mic, you’re opening a door and letting a piece of yourself into the world. Your story is taking on a life of its own. Your words might offer a glimpse of hope or show someone they’re not alone. You may never know how many people need to hear what only you can say.

But one thing is certain: your story will make a difference.

Angel's Story

My name Antoinette Townsend aka Angel boo. I’m from Inglewood, California! I am 23 years old! Here’s story: “So on February 8th 2006 I was 8 years old and was burned by a stove...