Written by Amy Acton, RN, BSN on February 17, 2023

Dear friends,

Take one step at a time. Focus on the next task at hand. Take each day as it comes.

We’ve all heard this advice before. When you think about it, taking a single step at a time doesn't seem like it will get you very far. But as Isabella McCune shares, you can achieve great things when you bundle many steps together.

Reading this edition of Journey Magazine reminded me of the importance of recognizing and celebrating even the smallest achievements.

As a burn nurse, I was often asked: "When will I get discharged?" It's no surprise that survivors still recovering in the hospital fixate on the goal of going home. And while that goal is certainly something to strive for, we can’t overlook the tiny victories along the way. They are just as important as the big wins.

In "What to Expect: Physical Healing," burn survivor and nurse Jill Sproul shares how survivors can set realistic goals and take baby steps forward. There will be good days and bad days, leaps forward and stumbles backward, but you can achieve your goals with proper planning, patience, and support. I remember this from my own recovery, when I struggled to regain my independence and confidence as a young adult. With baby steps like reaching out to friends and signing up for classes at the community college, I slowly got back to living—and thriving—as a burn survivor.

Now, as the CEO of Phoenix Society, I help lead our team to make and achieve goals that move our community forward. It can be tempting to focus on the home runs and neglect what needs to happen to make hits. Currently, our team is concentrating on rolling out a national Journey Forward Kit program and gathering in-person for Phoenix World Burn Congress in 2023—both exciting and significant projects! But before we can launch a new nationwide program or schedule our next conference, we’ve had to run a pilot program, analyze feedback, and hear from our community. These baby steps are getting us closer to launching these transformational programs that will serve the burn community for years to come.

My reminder to you: don't measure your success on what you have achieved. Instead, be proud of the steps you’ve taken toward your goal. Be even prouder when you can look back and see how those small actions led to an amazing outcome.

So, what little steps are you taking toward your goals?

With gratitude,

Amy Acton, RN, BSN