Meet the New Phoenix Board President

Written on December 07, 2020

Jeff Gallinat

Retired Sr. Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Logistics
Cisco Systems

How did you get involved with Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors?

I found Phoenix Society over 30 years after my own burns. Phoenix Society was first introduced to me by a work colleague who was raising money for Phoenix Society inside the company I worked for. This led to a meeting with Jill Sproul and Amy Acton and my first visit to a burn center after over 30 years. After meeting those two and learning about the mission of the organization, I realized that the work Phoenix Society does was actually a huge 'missing piece' of my own recovery experience. After I attended my first Phoenix World Burn Congress personally and met our community and saw our work in action, I really became vested in the organization. So, the work we do is very personal to me.

In your years on the board, what have you learned from the burn community?

Well, I've learned a lot, actually.

First of all, I've met many survivors and their families who are among the most courageous people anywhere. Everything Phoenix Society does, in the end, is to serve them and try to help them address their needs, fulfill their destinies, and honor their courage. They are inspiring! I've learned about the nearly endless level of capability and commitment in our own team .... they are awesome!

I've also learned that the 'burn community' is actually a broad idea. Whether it be our own team, the survivor community, health care providers who sacrifice so much, our trained volunteers, medical companies who are innovating every day, fire services personnel, related agencies to ours, or even parts of academia, the 'burn community' is very large indeed.

I think recognizing over time that we can not only be a key part of supporting survivors and their families in their journey, but that we can also take an important and unique role to help connect and support this extended community of people, information, and related services on behalf of our survivor community is something that has made a big impression on me.

As you step into the role of board president, what impact do you hope to have?

First, I hope to build from the history, past successes, and growth we've already had. We have a unique community and mission, and I never intend to lose sight of our core mission and how we best support those who need us the most.

I do think there are some great new opportunities to enhance and scale the way we deliver services to many more people, and to really step into the opportunity to be a really valuable 'connecting platform' for the extended burn community. I hope that I can personally retain the sensitivity of a survivor, support the team and community, and also use some of my business and technology experience to help the organization move into its next phase.

What excites you most about Phoenix Society’s future?

We have a unique ability to do really wonderful things for a community that has some unique needs. With the commitment and capability of our team, the support of our extended community, and new partnerships and technologies, we can continue to grow the number of people we serve and connect with, and serve them better - and, in the process, do more good for our community, our partners, and the world.

Jeff Gallinat had nearly 40 years of industry experience. Most recently, he was responsible for leading Cisco’s global manufacturing and logistics operations. While there, he led the teams responsible for the design of the company’s global operational network and supply chain security. He was also responsible for the business management of Cisco’s operational partners.

Prior to joining Cisco, he was Vice President of Global Manufacturing at the Lenovo Group. Before his tenure at Lenovo, he spent 23 years at IBM, both in the US and in China. During his last six years at IBM, he served as the General Manager of International Information Products Co, Ltd. (IIPC), a joint venture between IBM and Great Wall Computer. In that time, he led the growth of that company until it eventually become one of the top five exporters in all of China.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Summa Cum Laude) and attended the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development. Jeff resides in Los Gatos, CA with his wife of nearly 40 years, Julie.