Breslau Society Spotlight: Pat Horan

Written on October 21, 2021

After a year of surgeries and therapy for his burn injury, Pat Horan felt stuck. In his mind, he thought his injury was worse than anyone else’s.

Pat’s wife found the phone number for Phoenix Society and urged him to call. He intentionally called after 8 p.m., thinking surely no one would answer that late. But Alan Breslau answered, and spent nearly an hour on the phone with Pat. Alan would not end the phone call until Pat promised that he would attend Phoenix World Burn Congress in Philadelphia.

Phoenix WBC was Pat’s first experience with peer support, and it was just the motivation he needed to keep going with his rehab. He had the opportunity to meet many survivors who were further down the road to recovery. The stories he heard gave him hope that he could continue to live a fulfilling life.

At the time of his injury, Pat was 36 years old with two young children. He wanted to get back to coaching and being active with his kids. Phoenix Society gave him the motivation to move forward, and Pat went on to serve more than 12 years on Phoenix Society’s Board of Directors. His instrumental leadership and generosity have continued to inspire others to join the movement.

You cannot help but want to be a part of this community. I still get recharged hearing others share their experiences. Once you are involved, you really are hooked for life.

Pat Horan

Pat Horan - Breslau Society

More than 25 years later, it’s important to Pat for his kids to know what this organization has meant to him. Phoenix Society gives a deeper purpose to the challenges they faced as a family, especially in those early days of his recovery. Now as adults, his kids can understand both what he went through and the importance of giving back to an organization that was such a catalyst in his life.

Through a planned gift to Phoenix Society, Pat feels that giving back is something he can do to ensure that Phoenix Society is here for future generations of burn survivors. His vision is that more survivors can get connected earlier in their journey. He’s committed to continuing peer support for new burn survivors, programming for kids + teens, virtual support for those who are still recovering at home, and finding opportunities for survivors to gather together.

In honor of Alan, the Breslau Society recognizes individuals like Pat who have included Phoenix Society in their estate plans. Through our acknowledgement and gratitude of these exceptional people, we hope that their generosity will inspire others. A planned gift of any size will help to leave a lasting legacy to improve the lives of burn survivors for years to come.

Are you in?

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