Healing Through Our Stories

Join us for our a live Healing Through Our Stories - Virtual Open Mic!


Based on the iconic Phoenix WBC event, the goal of this 90-minute session is to provide an emotionally safe and confidential space for members of the burn community to share stories and experiences.


Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 7:30 - 9 pm EST (6:30 pm CT, 5:30 pm MDT, 4:30 pm PST)..


This group is open to anyone within the burn community! The group will be facilitated by staff and emotional support providers connected to Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.


The group will meet through Zoom, a free video conference platform, in which users can use a webcam and phone to connect.

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To sign up, please review our Virtual Group Safety Agreement and Ground Rules, and then fill out the form below.

Ground Rules - Healing Through Our Stories

The goal of “Healing Through Our Stories” is to provide an emotionally safe and confidential forum for people to share their stories and experiences related to healing from burn trauma. In the interest of maintaining emotional safety, we ask that the following guidelines be respected and followed:

  • It is not okay to share other people’s stories even if you do not share their names.

  • It is okay to share your feelings and ways that people’s stories touched you. You can share your own story and what you have learned about yourself in this group.

  • People will share what they want to share about their stories. Though you can share with someone how their story touched you, we do not need to ask follow-up questions.

  • Please be in a confidential space where no one else can see or hear your smartphone or computer.

  • In respect for everyone please do not be in a public space or where there is disruptive background noise.

  • Headphones offer the best sound experience and add to confidentiality.

  • Taking pictures of your screen, screen shots, live streaming, and recording of audio or video is not permitted.

  • Feelings are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad—they just are.

  • Allow people the space for expressing their true feelings, and do not judge anyone else’s feelings or experiences.

  • It is not okay to try to talk people out of their feelings or discount feelings in any way.

  • We do not need to fix people’s emotional pain, (sadness, anger, hurt, fear, and despair)—going through the feelings is how we heal and recover from loss and change.

  • If you need support or want to offer support, reach out to the facilitator who can arrange a peer support connection

  • In virtual sharing, we keep our devices on mute unless we are the ones sharing.

  • When sharing, keep your story under 4 minutes so many people can take advantage of this virtual experience.

    • Consider timing yourself as you share your story

  • The facilitator is here as a guide to manage the length of shares and support those who are sharing. They may stop or redirect you if you are going over your time or sharing material that is counter to these guidelines.

  • Phoenix Society is committed to being respectful and accepting of all individuals within the burn community.

  • To ensure “Healing Through Our Stories” is a safe space for everyone, we ask that you do not use this forum to try to convince others of your own beliefs.

    • We know that many burn survivors share profoundly moving spiritual experiences throughout recovery. As long as you are not trying to persuade others to share your beliefs, it is fine to share your individual experience.

  • Comments that are offensive or derogatory to any individual or group will not be tolerated.