Burns Affect the Whole Family

Find the knowledge and support you need to help your loved one thrive. Take the next step on your healing journey by connecting with a caring community survivors and loved ones.

Helping your child in the hospital.

Learn about the concerns of different age groups, how they might respond to hospitalization, and how you can support your child.

You don’t have to face this alone.

Nothing heals people like other people. Connect with burn survivors, family members, and caregivers to find support, advice, and, most of all, hope.

Get Peer Support
Find support in your community.

Keep your family plugged into the burn community even after you leave the hospital through burn camps, local support groups, and more.

Going back to school after a burn injury.

Empower kids and teens take this important step for social recovery. We offer tools and resources to help you support a positive return to school.

School Re-Entry

Resource for Kids + Teens

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