Hosting a Phoenix WBC Viewing Party

Viewing Parties + Phoenix World Burn Congress (WBC)

Viewing parties are an opportunity for our community members to gather in small groups to view Phoenix WBC together! They are a great opportunity for regional leaders to connect their community together, advise on regional resources as well as Phoenix Society resources.

The following is intended to serve as guide and not promotion of any particular gathering. Please only consider gathering if it safe to do so and abides by the recommendations/ordinance of your region.  

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Viewing Party Guide

Here's how to get started:

  • Secure a location 

  • Plan the logistics including considering physical distancing guidelines 

  • Consider technology set up 

  • Advertise to your community 

  • Be prepared for a change in plans in case group gatherings become banned in October in your region (make sure that your location allows cancellation without penalty) 

Please consider technology connection/set up, ability to view the screen, bathrooms, accessibilty of the venue, parking, and meal/food availablity.