Community transforms lives

Written on March 23, 2022

What now?"

Katie Petronis found herself staring down that question and a million more last May. 

A misstep on the racetrack, sent her husband Mark, a racecar driver for NASA Northeast, off the track and into a tree. Trapped inside the fiery crash for three minutes, he received burns over 35% of his body. 

What would she tell their 6-year-old son, Anders? And when Mark woke up, he would have so many questions. How could Katie help either of them when she had so many questions herself…and didn’t even know where to start? 

This is the critical place where you can step in to help. 

By making a gift to the Phoenix Society today, you can connect a survivor and their family to support and resources that will transform their healing and recovery. 

Will you send a gift of any amount to Phoenix Society today to help a survivor and family like Mark, Katie, and Anders? 

Your generosity will support programs that put information in the hands of healthcare professionals and others who have early contact with survivors. It will provide virtual resources that bring powerful information right to survivors, wherever they are. It will open a door to a community of people who understand and inspire hope. 

It was hospital caregivers who introduced Katie to the Phoenix Society, before Mark even regained consciousness. Connecting through the website, she started finding answers to her own questions. She found support that helped her know how to talk to Anders about hard things. She found resources that equipped her to be proactive in Mark’s care. And Mark found a counselor, support group, and a community of survivors before he ever left the hospital.

Phoenix Society opened our world to a huge family of people who can relate to something that is so hard to understand. And having that support from the very start helped our whole family through the most challenging times.”


You are a part of the huge family Katie is talking about. I know you care deeply about the burn community. That’s why I’m asking for your help. 

Will you send a gift today to help a survivor and their family find answers, information, and community early in recovery?

Your generosity is a lifeline for people like the Petronises.

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